How does Fascia work in our bodies? How do Restrictions affect us?

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When we think of fascia, we tend to think of it as a continuous laminated sheet of connective tissue that runs, uninterrupted, from our head to our toes, from front to back. You might be surprised to learn however, that your fascia surrounds, permeates and controls every other tissue and organ of the body... including cells, nerves, blood vessels, muscle and bone! 

Fascia is like a messy, three-dimensional spiderweb that runs as one continuous system, from the top of our heads, to the bottoms of our feet; it stretches from the left side to the right side; it expands from the front of our body to the back of our body. There is nothing in our bodies that it does not touch, surround and control!

Now, when we sustain an injury (great or small), trauma (emotional, psychological or physical); when we develop bad habits (posture, repetitive motions), we can create "restrictions" in our fascia. Just one restriction can put up to 2,000 pounds of pressure, per square inch, on sensitive structures such as: nerves bones, muscles, joints, organs, etc. No wonder people are walking around in chronic pain!

FACT: Fascia does not show up on x-rays, MRI's or CAT scans. So when you go and your doctor's office are trying to figure out what's going on, and why you just can't get rid of your pain or dysfunction, after trying every traditional therapy, pharmaceutical, or quick-fix under the sun, you'll most likely get something like the following conclusive response: "it's all in your head". Or they may give you a general diagnosis like "fibromyalgia'; "chronic pain syndrome"; "Myofascial Pain Syndrome"; etc. Perhaps they'll prescribe some pain meds and send you on your way. 

If this has been your experience, there IS HOPE, there IS HELP! The John Barne's Approach to Myofascial Release may be the answer for you. These therapists are trained to work specifically with the fascial system, to gently and slowly, without force, release the restrictions in your fascia. We treat the person as a whole, taking into account that you are more than just a bag of bones and muscles... you are a unique individual and soul, with a lifetime of experiences, traumas, emotions, memories, etc! All of these play a part in your health and well being. Rather than focusing on just your symptoms, our goal, as John Barne's MFR Therapists, is to find the root cause of the problem, treat that, and thereby alleviate the symptoms! Makes sense, right?!
This is a safe and gentle treatment for people of any age and background. We don't hand out band-aids, we offer an AUTHENTIC HEALING opportunity!

Fascia does not just surround the outside of your muscles...

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What Is Fascia?