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something behind you) to send that delicate balance toppling over into complete chaos and pain. 
Your body is refusing to be ignored any more. No more quick fixes; no more band-aids. If you REALLY want to get better, if you REALLY want to experience authentic healing, remember that  Healing is a journey, not an event. 

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San Diego Myofascial Release

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" -Lao Tzu

We like to remind our clients to be patient with themselves and with the healing process. You didn't come to the physical state that you're in overnight and so you are not likely to experience authentic healing overnight either. You have experienced an accumulation over the years of micro-traumas, major traumas (physical and emotional), injuries and accidents. All of that plays a part in your current state of health and well-being (or lack-there-of). Your body compensates to keep you functioning, sure. But it becomes a delicate balance as you attempt to manage symptoms with quick fixes like pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. Some of you just ignored entirely what your body has been trying to tell you; you've toughed it out and put on a brave face, as your body screamed out for your attention. Then one day, all it took was the tiniest, most insignificant motion (bend over to pick something up; a sneeze; turn to look at