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Green Line: Indicates the correct level plane where the hips should be.

Purple Line: Indicates the degree of tilt the hips are actually in.

In the BEFORE photo, on top, you can see the severity of the tilt. In the AFTER photo, on the bottom, you can see the dramatic improvement after just one session. Tough more sessions are needed to correct it fully.

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     Thank you for choosing San Diego Myofascial Release for your healing therapy needs! We want  you to to get the most our of your treatment with us, and to have the absolute best results possible. That being said, here's what we've found to be the "MAGIC RECIPE"; the formula to get the most benefit out of your treatment, and to start you off on the right path:

BOOK THREE SESSIONS, as close together as possible (no more than 2-3 days apart from one another). HERE'S WHY:

  • ALLOWS THIS THERAPY A REAL CHANCE TO WORK. Believe it or not, some people come in with the expectation that years of trauma and dysfunction can be corrected in just one session of therapy. Now, it's not impossible, we've seen it happen. However, those cases are the exception. On the other hand, sometimes a person will need more than three sessions to get them back to a pain free, healthy, active lifestyle. But we find that starting with THREE sessions, helps YOU, the client, to make an educated assessment on whether or not this therapy is working for you, and whether or not you'd like to continue to explore it as a therapy. On our, the therapist's end, it gives us a chance to better observe how quickly and effectively your individual body and fascia respond to this treatment, which helps us better able to make an accurate recommendation on how many more sessions, if any, you may need to reach your goals.
  • MOMENTUM IS A GOOD THING! We recommend booking 2-3 days apart because it allows us to take advantage of therapeutic momentum. Obviously, we won't always be able to fix everything in just one session. Though, we don't want to run the risk of all the good work we did, to be pulled back into dysfunction by all the things we weren't able to get to yet though. Spacing the first three appointments close together like this, helps us to stay ahead of setbacks like this.
  • YOU GUARANTEE AND SECURE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIMES AND DATES. Because Myofascial Release WORKS, it is definitely an in-demand therapy. As a result, we are typically booked out at least a month. Find a week or two wherein you can commit to coming in for these initial three sessions close together, not only in your own schedule, but in ours as well. Even if you have to book it a few weeks out, by booking ALL THREE SESSIONS at once, you'll guarantee that those spots are reserved for you. Those who book only their Initial Evaluation & Treatment Session, and choose to wait until they've tried out that first appointment, to book their next one, unfortunately run into the problem of there not being any openings for another 3-5 weeks... which throws a wrench into Myofascial Release really being able to be as effective as it can be. If you book three sessions all at once, come in for the first session and decide Myofascial Release isn't for you (still something that hasn't happened), then you can always cancel your other two appointments, No, harm, no foul. As all wise mothers say, "Its better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them. " Moms are the best!

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