It's painful; it's debilitating; it keeps you from being as active and functional as you'd like to be. You go to the doctor and what do they do? They give you pain meds, cortisone shots; maybe they suggest some orthotics or therapy tools to help "manage" the pain. And you think to yourself (you probably don't dare to say it out loud, because after all, they're the doctor, they know best, right?), "I don't want to "manage" the pain, I want to get RID of it!" But sadly, many people end up going this route of just "managing" the pain. Ready for some GOOD NEWS?? You no longer need to live with the pain! Myfoscial Release to the rescue!!

The John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release is one of the most, safe, gentle and effective methods to return you back to a pain-free healthy lifestyle! If you think about it, "Plantar Fasciitis"... "Fasciitis"... "fascia"! That is where the problem lies, in the fascia! It's right there in the diagnoses! By using gentle sustained pressure to to the plantar fascia over a sustained amount of time, the fascial restrictions will release on their own. Why does it work so well? Because MFR doesn't force a system that cannot be forced (the fascial system). It's patient and gentle, so there is never a chance of being injured with this therapy. MFR also doesn't stop at just treating the symptoms either. The practitioner treats the symptoms, but looks elsewhere for the cause (which are almost always in two very different places). Treat the cause and the symptoms go away! In the case of Plantar Fasciitis, even the most severe cases can be healed in just a few visits, if they are close enough together!

Here at San Diego Myofascial Release, our therapists are trained by John F Barnes himself in the art of releasing fascia safely, gently and effectively. It is our mission to facilitate a safe environment that allows your body to remember how to heal itself (with a little help from the professionals). The results are often long term, depending on the client's lifestyle. People who put more demand on their bodies may need to come in more often for "tune-ups", after they have reached a stable point in their healing journey. San Diego MFR also makes it a point to educate it's clients on how to treat themselves at home, in between appointments, for faster, more effective healing!

Here is a testimonial from one of our Plantar Fasciitis clients:

"I have been a trail runner for the past three years and about six months ago I developed extremely painful plantar fasciitis. In the mornings, and after sitting for periods of time, I'd stand up and barely be able to hobble because of the pain. Even when my feet warmed up and stretched out a bit, I still experienced pain throughout the day. There have been times when I've had to be on my feet all day as an educational workshop facilitator and was in such pain by the end of the day that all I could do was return to my hotel room and lie down. Stretches, medication, orthotics, didn't give me relief, so I decided to give MFR a try. After one painless treatment with Shannon, I was pleasantly surprised that the pain I had been experiencing had drastically diminished. I could walk (with slippers or shoes) with minimal pain. A few evenings later, I surprised myself when I realized that I had walked barefoot across the tile floor to the sink without being conscious of pain in every step! Each day I feeel better, and I will be sure to schedule another session soon. I am confident that I can return to running soon! Thanks, Shannon! You're the hands beneath my feet!" -Eileen Z.

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