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Best Treament for Mastectomy Scars and Mastectomy Recovery!

Mastectomy Scars can be painful and restrictive. Many women may experience some, if not all of the following post mastectomy symptoms / post mastectomy side effects:

  • Great loss in Range of Motion- unable to raise their arms fully, they find it difficult to get dressed and struggle with even the simplest of tasks that require arm movements. 
  • ​Difficulty taking a deep breath
  • Chest, Neck, Shoulder or Back pain
  • ​Headaches
  • Sadness / Grief or Depression
  • ​Loss of Feeling or Sensation around surgery site
  • NervePain
  • Swelling
  • Painful, raised , red or gnarled scars
  • ​Cording (Axillary  Web Syndrome / AWS)- a thick, rope-like web of scar tissue that forms under the arm / armpit area

Mastectomy Care & Recovery

How Can MFR Help?

The John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release is possibly the Best Treatment for Mastectomy Scars and other Mastectomy Symptoms, and in many cases can allow you to avoid the unnecessary surgery for "Scar Tissue Removal".

Scars of all kinds are made up of thick, hardened fascia. The John Barnes Myofascial Release works specifically with the fascial system, in a gentle (never forceful), patient approach, which results in the release and softening of all that hardened, restrictive scar tissue. Once the fascia has "released", the woman often feels as if "an invisible straight jacket or tourniquet has been taken off".  Many times, after just a handful of sessions, mobility is restored; breathing is freed up; most, if not all, feeling has returned; tissue feels and looks softer and is more mobile; any pain left over is greatly reduced or eliminated all together!

Isn't Surgery Faster?

Though sometimes the scar removal surgery is necessary, many times it can be avoided. Sadly, most breast cancer survivors, as well as medical professionals, do not know that there this alternative to scar removal surgery. So they have the surgery to scrape out and remove the scar tissue. However, more often than not, the surgery itself can create even more scar tissue. See the irony? Insurance may cover it, but in the long run it costs you more pain, recovery time, and possibly additional surgeries. So why not give Myofascial Release a try first? There is absolutely nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain!

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