"I cannot recommend this place enough. I had my first appointment to see Shannon- who is amazingly gifted, btw- in July, and I've been back twice each month since. The difference in how I moved through the simple motions of my days before versus now is... just tremendous.
A little backstory: I was diagnosed with a chronic illness about four years ago, and it's been a steady ride downhill since. Well, tbh, even before the official diagnosis things weren't looking too bright. Muscle spasms that would last for MONTHS. My entire spine feeling like it was trying to rip itself out of my back, from the base of my skull to the tip of my tailbone. Unceasing, endless pain. My nervous system was shot. My digestion was awful. I couldn't keep up a healthy weight, because I'd get sick each time I ate. Which led to some pretty spectacularly below average morale.
To say I was feeling frustrated would be quite an understatement.
So, when my sister- who is studying to become a massage therapist- suggested I try out San Diego Myofascial Release, I decided to take her advice. And thank goodness I did.
I can eat. I've bumped back up from skin and bones to a good weight. I can eat because my muscles have calmed WAY, WAY down. Seriously, I never thought I'd be so happy to eat so little, but a little goes a long way when you've been living off protein shakes on and off for a few years.
The treatment: So simple. So ridiculously simple; yet so helpful. A typical session would begin with Shannon asking about what's going on health-wise, gauging what might need to be addressed. Then, I just lie down on the table, and she applies the lightest of pressure to whatever needs to be worked out, be it scar tissue, stiff joints, frozen muscles, etc. That's it. But, as the massage is happening, and for a good week after- more with repetition- I can literally feel the shifting, the releasing of tension.
Let me say this: the ability to walk up a hill, bend to put dishes in a dishwasher, and not feel like death-warmed-over every single day is gosh darn liberating. I'm nowhere near to the physical capabilities I once had, but I'm inching back. Fingers crossed.

I'll just add one more thing: Not once has Shannon ever hurried me when I was speaking, which- as a person who has seen countless doctors, specialists, physical therapists, etc- I can tell you is rare." -
Sharra D.

"Shannon is a wonderful MFR practitioner. If you're struggling with any kind of hurts that normal PT and massage aren't fixing, I recommend seeing her." -Erin F

"Shannon is a caring therapist and is passionate about her work. She has excelllent communication skills and she brightens my day with her warm loving presence!" -Dawnne N.

"I have sessions every two weeks. I started seeing Shannon nine months ago. I had a physical problem most of my life. It Improved immediately about 75%.  I noticed results are immediate and cumulative, yet it is very very subtle.  Shannon is both advanced and committed in what she does". - Richard A.

"I recently had reconstruction surgery after double mastectomy, and was experiencing some decreased range of motion with my right arm and tightness across my right implant. A couple of women in my online mastectomy support group suggested myofascial release, and so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It has worked out great and I am feeling so much better. 
Shannon is sweet and knowledgeable of MFR, and her office is clean and has a very relaxing atmosphere. While she is working on you, she explains what she is doing, and asks for feedback - what you are feeling, any pulling sensations, etc. I really appreciate that she does not push expensive package deals or take advantage of people by suggesting at your first meeting you will need a suspiciously frequent amount of appointments in order to see improvement. This has unfortunately happened to me with other types of wellness practitioners, and I find it frustrating. Shannon is different, she has always based her next visit recommendations on my specific issue and how well I my body responded to the current session." 
 -Nicole B.

"I found Shannon through the John Barnes Directory & am so glad I did! She was skilled in myofascial release & very helpful with some large scars that were creating a lot of pain. Shannon was sensitive, skilled & knowledgeable about post-mastectomy syndrome. She worked very patiently & diligently & was lovely to talk to. Shannon helped release & flatten my scars & provided insight into some long-standing emotional issues. I live in NYC but will certainly return to Shannon when I return to San Diego. Her current office is lovely, & I hear her new location is even better. I strongly encourage anyone in need of myofascial work to visit." -​Nancy L.

"I have been seeing Rebecca for a few months now and she has helped me eliminate so much pain! I highly recommend trying Myofascial release for any kind of pain you may have. I tried Myofascial release mainly for my back pain and pain in my wrist and hands from typing so much at my job. She has worked on these two things and I have noticed so much improvement. I have also learned so much about my posture and other things that she also has worked on. Overall amazing experience." - Kelly R.

"I never thought to try Myofascial Release for my C-section scar (I had two C-sections), but I'm so glad I did!  My scar was initially so red and thick, and even one year after the birth of my second daughter, it was still very easily irritated by my undergarment or pants zippers. Shannon made me feel very much at ease at my first appointment and explained to me how this kind of "release" could relax the contracted muscles and tough tissue on a deeper level. After just the first session, I noticed a significant improvement- less redness and itchiness with a smoother appearance and the scar itself feeling softer. I went for a total of 3 treatments which minimized the discomfort I'd been experiencing by 90%! Previously,I had tried more invasive steroidal injections and laser treatments which had very little benefit. Shannon's knowledge and compassionate approach make her a natural healer! "-Susanne Y.

Client Testimonials

"I went to Shannon after I took a big fall off a 15ft ladder on to my back, luckily I didn't break anything but I didn't feel right after that. I starting having headaches everyday, and by the second week I was fed up. So, I heard about Myofacial release and all the wonderful, long term benefits it provides and I decided to give it a try. Needless to say I was very pleased with the results! I wasn't really sure what to expect in the beginning...maybe more of a massage, but Shannon informed me about how massages only give temporary relieve to the muscles, nothing long lasting, and chiropractic treatment only works with your bones, not so much the areas you need. By working the muscles very slowly she was able to realign my hips that were out of whack and probably a contributing factor to my daily headaches. Shannon said that different areas of your body can cause pain in other areas, I never really made that connection until now. I did experience the healing crisis which only lasted maybe a day or two, but after that I was like a whole new person.
I'm also a figure skater and took a few hard falls on the ice, I went back to Shannon just to make sure everything was back in order. She worked on several areas, even on my tight jaw, I felt like every part of my body needed a release from all the damage I had put it through over the years. I plan on going back to Shannon soon to have her release my large melanoma scars that I have on my back!! You never know what muscles are truly causing your symptoms...I recommend going to see Shannon today if you're experiencing any pain and discomfort!! SDMFR is awesome, and Shannon is the best!!!! :)" -
Tiffany M.

"I started seeing Shannon in November. I have a seven year old knee injury and had a baby 6 months ago. I didn't realize I was used to the pain my body was experiencing. Shannon is very warm and welcoming. She is very knowledgeable and her presence alone has a way of making you feel better." -Minerva H.

"I met Shannon at an Orange Theory Fitness wellness fair that I was also a part of.  She did a mini session on me there and I immediately felt relief in my feet where I was suffering from plantar fasciitis.  I have been seeing her now for about 6 months and it is the best thing I have done for my body in a long time.  Her treatments are so effective in loosening up tight areas, diminishing pain, and creating space in the body's fascia system so your body can heal.  As an energy worker myself, I know the importance of a skilled, intuitive practitioner and Shannon is Amazing!  I have started referring some of my clients to her and would highly suggest her treatments to help with any of your chronic or acute pain issues.  Thank you Shannon, you are the best!!" - Andrea M.

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"Shannon is a talented myofascial release therapist. I am so happy I found her! She has worked on me for several sessions, and each session has been different. This was my first time with this type of therapy and I am most happy with the results. One session resolved pain I was experiencing. She has treated me for back pain, hips, c-section, and shoulder/chest pain. She also encourages you to use techniques at home for lasting results. I recommend her to anyone looking for a totally different and effective healing therapy." -Nicole Br.

"I cant begin to Express my gratitude towards Shannon and her amazing hands. After dealing with an injury for over a year, 3 spine specialists, many physical therapist, 5 chiropractors, 3 massage therapists, 2 sets of spinal injections, and a whole bunch of traveling and money, i was finally able to get on the right track. Before her, i was able to get some relief from a Doctor in Albuquerque new Mexico, after doing some hands on muscle manipulation. Still, i couldn't get rid of some annoying aches, and intense stiffness. Its the most gentle therapy in the world, but within minutes you can feel the magic happening. Unlike the rest, she doesn't really see you as a client or patient, she treats you like a friend! She's very accessible, and will listen to anything you have to say. Many, if not all in our shoes just want a dr or therapist to listen and understand our frustrations, before setting up a plan for you, and executing it. I was very skeptical about doing this treatment, and once she started, i really felt absolutely nothing. After a few minutes, i realized how powerful and important our fascia is. I can go on and on, but the best thing to do is set up your appointment now, and find out for yourself. The area is also very peaceful and friendly. You don't feel rushed or out of place, you just feel right at home !!!! Very different from other offices that treat you like another number." -Freddie T.

"I'm pain free right now, it's been so long since I've said that and I feel so good. I know God led us to Shannon and Rebecca, because when my husband first found them it was at a time where we tried everything else and it didn't work. It's so nice to get up without pain and just to be able to use our bodies for normal things like sitting and bending. My husband is a changed person thanks to this natural healing and so am I. I highly recommend myofacial release in La Mesa. Thank you  both so much for what you do." - Toni P.

"I have seen Shannon at  San Diego Myofascial Release a few times.  My first visit I had a bad kink in my neck that my Chiropractor was not able to work out and I was looking for other options for relief for my pain.  I came in expecting some kind of massage and that [is not at all] what Myofascial Release is.  It is a very gentle and relaxing treatment. After my appointment I was very skeptical and thought for sure I would never come back.  I did however, follow Shannon's advice and drank a lot of water and wrote down any and all reactions my body was having from the treatment.  Later that day my neck muscles started to twitch and I could feel my tightness releasing.  About four hours after my appointment I had a longer muscle twitching and then a final release of my tightness in my neck.  I was shocked and grateful for the pain that went away in my neck.  I really feel Myofascial Release is a great alternative medicine for pain and pain management.  I have since been back to Shannon for treatments for my self and my 2 teenagers.  What a blessing it has been for our family." - Vena H.

"Shannon totally resolved my plantar fasciitis in two sessions, and now we are working on healing my body from a bad, recent accident. She is a gifted and intuitive bodyworker who has worked miracles in my life. Thank you, Shannon!​" - Dawn G.

"I can't express how amazing Shannon is at her craft. I 100% recommend her and her place. I'm at a loss for words to express how thankful I am for her. I went in with a bum elbow, she puts her hands on my arm, arm starts adjusting itself and BAM an hour later my arm feels like a new arm even the swelling from the pressure on the tendon was down. Please go check this place out! Pure magic no words can explain. Thank you!!!!"-Jacey C.

"If you're considering myofascial for a second, be sure to check this place out. It's an amazing experience and your body will thank you." -Christina C.

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