Where is San  Diego Myofascial Release Located?

Located in  beautiful La Mesa Village East, right next door to Sheldon's. 8407 La Mesa Blvd.

Where Should I Park?

San Diego Myofascial Release has a small parking lot that is designated for staff only.

For our clients, there is free 2 Hour parking  across the street on Cypress St., or metered parking all along La Mesa Blvd.


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Before You Book, Read This Page

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Because we are typically booked out anywhere from 2-4 weeks at a time, we highly recommend booking your first three appointments all at the same time. This prevents the scenario of you waiting until the end of your first session, wanting to book your next, but our next availability for you isn't for another few weeks. This situation can cost you the effectiveness of this therapy. We want your time and money (both are precious to you) to be well invested. We want you to have the best possible healing experience that you can. 

To avoid this situation, check your calendar before you book. Make sure that you can make space for those first three sessions in your calendar. Remember, it works best when those first three sessions are spaced within 2-3 days of one another. If for any reason, something comes up and you need to reschedule or cancel, you can always do so at no cost or penalty, as long as you give us 24 hours notice (Click Here to read our Policies and Procedures).

Want to save money? Save 10-15% when you purchase a pre-paid package. We want to reward you for committing to your health! If you're a first time client, we recommend the For Starters Package. It includes The Initial Evaluation Session, as well as two follow 60 min sessions. Click here to learn more about our packages.

To book your appointments online, click here. You'll be able to choose a therapist and a schedule that best suits your needs.

San Diego Myofascial Release

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

It is impossible to know how quickly your body will respond to treatment, without having had a chance to work with you yet. Keep in mind too, that it took a long time for your body to get in to this situation, and it's somewhat unrealistic to expect a lifetime's worth of build-up to be fixed in just one 90 min session (some people do, believe it or not).  That being said, we are not out to waste anyone's time or money with expensive treatment plans that have no end in sight. Here's what we can tell you though:

If you can commit to at least THREE sessions, and if we can get those three sessions as close together as possible (usually withing 2-3 days of one another), that seems to be the magic number to make this treatment method as successful as it can be. Three sessions, close together like that, allows us to gain momentum; it allows us to stay ahead of any setbacks. Because we can't get to everything in just one session, we don't want to run the risk of all the good work we did, getting pulled back into dysfunction by all the things we weren't able to get to in the previous session. Makes sense, right? At the end of the third session, we  will re-evaluate with you. By the end of that third session, you should already have felt some real change for the better; you should know whether or not Myofascial Release is working for you and whether or not it's something you'd like to continue to explore. On our end, we'll have a better idea of how well and how quickly you're responding, and can make a better recommendation on how many more sessions you may need... IF you even need any more at all. 

Ideally, once you've reached a point where you're balanced and better, we recommend that you come in once every 4-6 weeks, for maintenance and prevention. Unfortunately, life still continues to happens, along with all it's little accidents and traumas; bad habits and stress. We don't want you to wait until you're in pain again to come in. Let's prevent it from getting to that point in the first place! 

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                                         8407 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa CA 91941