Pediatric Myofascial Release

$85 for 30 min

Babies can experience shock during the birthing process, and can even experience trauma in utero. Such occurrences can result in things like: joint issues, abnormal spine or neck curvatures. Some of the common childhood ailments that MFR can really help with: colic, chronic ear infections, torticollis, stomach pain, and constipation. From newborns to the elderly, Myofascial  Release is changing lives at every age!

San Diego ​Myofascial Release

 Services & Prices

Initial Evaluation & Treatment Session


This is the recommended treatment for all first time clients. 90 min allows the therapist adequate time to do a full verbal, visual and physical assessment, leaving a good 75 min for hands on MFR treatment.

Womens' Health

(Pelvic & Breast)

$180 1 hr / $235 1.5 hr

​​​In many cases, we can substantially alleviate or eliminate: menstrual pain, back and pelvic pain. MFR can successfully treat painful symptoms during pregnancy and help to release trauma after childbirth.  Also an excellent option for childbirth preparation as well as painful cesarean (c section) scars.
Myofascial Release is perhaps the best therapy for post-breast augmentation of any sorts, as well as mastectomies (which can leave women with limited range of motion, pain and tightness in the and around the chest), restoring mobility and eliminating pain and tightness.


The birthing process is nothing short of one of life's most beautiful miracles! Mother and baby looking into each other's eyes for the very first time is priceless. But on the other hand, let's admit that the whole process, while 100% amazing, can be quite traumatic for both infant and mother. 

This is why we offer our "Mommy & ME Postnatal Care" program. When mommy comes in for an Initial Evaluation & Treatment Session for herself, San Diego Myofascial Release will donate a half hour session to your baby! Having your infant treated is important to make sure everything is where it should be, and helps to prevent digestive issues, colicky behavior, reflux issues, etc. When your infant receives myofascial release it can help promote better breastfeeding habits, less fussiness and better, more solid sleep at night (which is good for everyone, haha)!

Myofascial Release Session


​Our standard 60 min session. We exclusively practice the John Barnes Myofascial Release method to treat  everything from plantar fasciitis; carpal tunnel; TMJ; frozen shoulder; fibromyalgia; to sciatica , scar tissue and more. You've got it, we can treat it! Every session is unique and different. Our objective: find the pain and look elsewhere for the cause. By just treating symptoms, no one will everget better.

U.S. Active Military and  Veterans

SDMFR is grateful for your service!  Show your active military ID or veteran's ID and save $20 off any Initial Evaluation & Treatment Session, or any One hour Myofascial Release Session.  We know that you sacrificed much to serve your country and we want to help you in the ways that we can.  Myofascial Release is essential and extremely helpful for those suffering from PTSD as well as recovering from any injuries/traumas, be they physical and/or emotional.  Start your journey on the road to recovery today!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. 

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Mommy & Me Post Natal Care

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Scar Release


San Diego Myofascial Release is the BEST place for scar release! If you have scars ANYWHERE on your body, have them checked out.  Ignoring scars could be very harmful. Most people don't realize that the pain they're experiencing in one area, is likely being caused by a little (or big) scar in a completely different area!